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Walsall Company of Archers

Archery Styles


Target archery is the type of archery most people think of when you say archery. It involves shooting at a circular face on a static target at a range of distances up to 100 yards for imperial rounds and to 90m for metric rounds. It is shot by all bow types but limited to Recurve bows at the Olympic games. In the UK rounds are still shot at imperial distances however the World Archery Federation use a set of Metric rounds which are now shot all over the world in competition.


Field archery will appeal to more adventurous people. It involves shooting at targets at varying distances that are often unmarked in woodland or rough terraine. In the UK it is normally shot at 2D pictures of animals but in Europe is often shot at 3D targets.The field rounds are shot at distances of up to 80 yards and the faces have a target printed on them. The Hunter rounds are shot at uneven distances of up to 70 yards and although the scoring is identical the whole target is black with a white bullseye.


Clout archery is where the archers shoot arrows at a flag to score points. The clout is shot at distances from 80yds to 180yds for the imperial clout, and 125m to 185m for the metric clout. It can be shot by all types of bow, arrows score from 1 to 5 depending on how close they are to the flag. The scoring zone is usually measured by a using rope tied to the flag. A single clout is 3 dozen arrows.