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Walsall Company of Archers

Club History


The name was deliberately chosen because of a reputed historic association with the ‘Earl of Warwick’ during the battle of Crecy. It was whilst his archers were away at war that the Earl called upon local archers to help with the defence of his castle when attacked by ‘the Welsh Hordes’, and it was reported that only ‘The Companie of Walsall Archers’ responded to his request.


Because of the failure of the Welsh to take Warwick Castle, the Earl is said to have decreed that Walsall Archers could use the Bear and Ragged Staff as their heraldic device provided that the bear was standing, chained and without a muzzle. This may suggest that whereas Walsall Company of Archers may use the Bear and Ragged Staff, it may not be used by any other organisation within Walsall or, in its altered state, be used by any organisation within Warwickshire County.


The club badge was designed showing this Bear and Ragged Staff above the Staffordshire Knot, the county through which the club is affiliated.


During the initial years there were a few Archers who competed at many venues, including Malta International (1974-1975), and, one lady member who competed at the Summer Olympics in Montreal. One of the best performances as a club was achieved at Malta in 1974 when a party of 14 Members competed at both the 4-day Outdoor and 1 day Indoor tournaments, and were awarded trophies and/or medals, for 1st Team, 1st Lady, 1st Jack and Jill and 3rd Gent Outdoors, 1st Team, 1st Lady, 1st Gent and 1st Jack and Jill Indoors.


During the celebrations at a Café in the village of Marsasloc, where the whole of the Club team stayed for two weeks, the Owner asked for a Club Badge, which he could mount behind the bar, One ‘proud’ member promptly lost his gold-wire badge from his Club Blazer.


Today many members enjoy shooting at tournaments and have achieved great success whether on their own or as part of a team.